Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

You can conveniently store up to two separate documents in each certificate cover. While most options only offer enough space for a single document, our covers have the extra space you need.

Absolutely. Unlike our competitors, we offer solid packaging to provide the utmost protection, preventing your documents and photos from getting ripped, scratched, damaged, or destroyed.

There are many ways to use our durable gold foil excellence stickers. One of the best ways to use them is to place them on certificates of excellence as an added touch. However, you can put them on anything you desire!

You won’t need any glue when using our excellence stickers. The adhesive is exceptionally strong. Once you place a sticker on the desired location, it should stay in place forever.

Yes. Our bookmark closure includes ribbon and an elastic band to offer added protection, keeping your journal in excellent condition despite regular use.

Our personal journal comes in a beautiful gift box, making it the perfect present to give to someone special in your life. Aside from the gift box, it has a durable hardcover, acid-free 160 gsm thick pages, and an expandable pocket. Each page also has a number from one to 250 to help you keep track of your entries!